In the context of the 2020-2021 coronavirus pandemic in Chile, Carabineros made available to citizens a web platform called the Virtual Police Station, from which anyone can download permits and safe-conducts to circulate during quarantine and curfew hours, respectively. This digital tool has gone through a series of stages since its publication, correcting errors and improving its responsiveness, however as of April 2021 it still has clear limitations in the field of usability, which could be addressed to a greater degree. control in an application format for mobile devices.

This exercise presents views of what could be an app focused on providing the same services as the Virtual Police Station, with a redesigned interface and usability focused on three main aspects:

  • Permanent session with preloaded data

According to experiences collected from different users, the most annoying thing about using the current website is having to enter from name to age, since with the Unique Password login all these basic data are available.

  • Family group management

It is a known scenario that people with little familiarity with digital issues rely on their children, nephews or grandchildren to get their documents. So why not make it easier, and give you the option to manage your permissions from a single account? For security reasons, to add them, the account owner would have to be authorized by using the respective Unique Keys, but it would only be done once.

  • Easy access to permits

Since the permits are electronic documents in PDF format, there is no universal way to access them after downloading them on a mobile device, as it depends on the web browser used, the operating system, etc. Having a centralized place from which to access active permits, with real-time information on their remaining validity time, would be an accessible solution to this problem.

I expressly declare that the contents of this initiative are purely illustrative, Covidsaría Virtual has no relationship with the Virtual Police Station platform or its creators.



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UX Design


April 2021